Upcoming Book

Caspi, E. (in press). Fighting for Dignity: Prevention of Distressing and Harmful Resident-to-Resident Interactions in Dementia in Long-Term Care Homes. Health Professions Press. Expected release: 2017

Dr. Christa Hojlo (PhD, RN), former national Director of the 134 VA nursing homes (currently called Community Living Centers) said the following about my book: A goldmine for direct care staff and interdisciplinary teams. The best thing I have seen out there that folks can pick up and apply.”

Konstantions Papadakis (my teacher) carved these hands for a sculpture of Jesus; I use the hands here as a symbol of friendship between  residents with dementia in long-term care homes.

Konstantinos Papadakis's wood carved resident-to-resident friendship - hands reaching towards each other

Some of the most compassionate acts occur between people with dementia both in the community and in long-term care homes. Unfortunately, the flip side of it also occurs, which is the topic of my book.