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Fighting for dignity: Prevention of distressing and harmful resident-to-resident interactions in dementia in long-term care homes. Keynote presentation delivered on 10.14.16 at the Minnesota Medical Directors Association Annual Conference, Roseville, MN.

Throughout the past decade, Eilon Caspi Ph.D. has focused on the prevention of the prevalent, concerning but underrecognized public health problem of distressing and harmful resident-to-resident interactions in dementia in long-term care homes (such as nursing homes and assisted living residences). He did so in research, numerous presentations at the local, state, national, and international levels, staff training programs, consultations, publications, dissemination on his archival blog, and advocacy. Most recently, his work on this phenomenon has culminated in the first book dedicated to enhancing understanding and preventing these incidents (under contract with Health Professions Press; expected release 2018).

This 90-min video is based on Eilon’s 10-month direct observation study in two long-term care homes for elders with dementia in Massachusetts, an extensive review of the practice and research literature, and his extensive experience as a nurse aide, social worker, and consultant in long-term care homes in the U.S., Canada, and Israel.

The video recorded presentation covers the common manifestations, causes, and consequences of these behavioral expressions (such as psychological and social impacts, falls, physical injuries, and deaths) as well as psychosocial strategies for prevention and de-escalation.

The video is filled with real-life examples and findings from dozens of research studies. It also displays powerpoint slides and links to a series of practically useful resources.

After watching this first-of-its kind evidence-based video, viewers such as nurse aides, nurses, social workers, recreation therapists, physicians, administrators, and first responders will be in a better position to keep vulnerable and frail elder residents with and without dementia (and direct care staff and other professionals) safe and free from psychological harm.

Acknowledgement: The video was filmed and edited by Midge Bongard Frailich – Video Ethical Will ™

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