Unpublished Manuscripts

Case report: Resident in late-sage dementia exercising at the fitness center, 2015.

Commentary on Michael Ellenbogen’s statement as quoted in a Washington Post article by Fredrick Kunkle on May 27, 2015: More people with Alzheimer’s are becoming activists – which brings its own challenges, 2015.

Potential therapeutic benefits of participation of people with dementia in Care Farms, 2015.

Old language and new language in care of elders with memory-loss: A collection of contrasting quotes, 2011

Remaining Abilities in Older Persons with Alzheimer’s Disease, 2014

Principles for meaningful engagement of residents with dementia in organized activities, 2012

Potential Therapeutic benefits of meaningful engagement in organized activities for persons with dementia, 2012

Why do we need to know the early life-history of older persons with dementia? 2012

Early life events and current reactive behaviors among elders with dementia, 2011

Recognizing early warning signs of responsive behaviors in persons with dementia, 2012

Rigor versus relevance in structured observational strategies in research on agitated behaviors in persons with dementia, 2012

Syllabus – Psychology of older adults with memory-loss, Alzheimer’s disease, and other dementias – University of Massachusetts Boston, 2012

“Why the devil they don’t ask us what we’re thinking?” The Need for Residents’ Council Meetings in Special Care Units for Persons with Dementia in Assisted Living Residences, 2012

There is a need for social workers in special care units for persons with dementia in assisted living residences, 2012

“I was really scared…cause there was nobody around.” A Night of a Resident with Alzheimer’s Disease in a Special Care Unit of an Assisted Living Residence, 2012

Behavioral Log: A critical tool for understanding and preventing reactive behaviors among long-term care residents with dementia

Aggressive Behaviors Between Residents with Dementia: Recommendations for Change in the Regulations of Assisted Living Residences in Massachusetts

How can Rabbis assist family members of persons with dementia?