Powerpoint Presentations

* The powerpoint slides of the presentations below are available upon request: eiloncaspi@gmail.com

Caspi, E. (2014). Understanding and preventing behavioral expressions in persons with memory loss. Talk given on 5.31.14 at the Caring for a Person with Memory Loss Conference, University of Minnesota, School of Nursing.

Caspi, E. (2016). Fighting for dignity: Prevention of distressing and harmful resident-to-resident interactions in dementia in long-term care homes. Presentation delivered on 9.13.16 for LeadingAge Kansas’s Joint Provider/Surveyor Training. Wichita, KS.

Caspi, E. (2016). The title: From Labeling to Learning: New Culture of Language in Caring for Elders Living with Dementia. Presentation delivered on 12.8.16 at Successful Aging Initiative, St. Louis Park, MN. Organizer: Annette Sandler.

A letter from Rick Naymark, Author of the book Alzheimer’s Gifts:  

“I attended Eilon’s presentation on how using certain words to describe people with dementia or Alzheimer’s can both stereotype them and reinforce treatment by care partners or family members that is not helpful to the person. Using real-life examples and weaving in research, Eilon offered a convincing argument for how the words we use in describing people with memory loss shapes how we treat them. Stereotypes and generalizations undermine dignity and effectiveness. His point is that if the ultimate goal of interactions is to build trust and recognize humanity, one must find ways to show understanding, compassion and what he calls “relationship-based care.” Negative labels become barriers that reduce the essential humanness of the person. Eilon presents with an easy, conversational style, with self-deprecating humor and intelligence. The event, which typically draws about 10 people, was standing-room only. People formed a long line to talk to him after the event. His ability to communicate difficult concepts in an accessible way made for a powerful experience.”

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