Media Coverage

Murphy, S. and Lzar, K. (October 14, 2017). Randolph killing underscores dilemma for nursing homes. The Boston Globe. Link to newspaper article:

Tutton, M. (August 4, 2017). Documents reveal another 2 nursing home deaths due to pushing. Number of such deaths disclosed since 2008 rises to 11 in Nova Scotia. The Canadian Press. Link to newspaper article:

Caspi, E. (2016). Resident-to-Resident Fatal Incidents in Dementia in Long-Term Care Homes. Interview held on 12.20.16 at Coroner Talk Host: Darren Dake, Death Investigation Training Academy. To access the podcast, go to:

Caspi, E. (2016). Misconceptions about people living with dementia. Radio Interview on 3.20.16. MyTalk 107.1 (an affiliate of KSTP). Host: Twila Dang. St. Paul. MN. Link to podcast will be added once it becomes available.

Fischer, M., Caspi, E., & Berry, J. (2015). People with dementia and Care Farms. Radio talk given on 6.23.15 on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio. Host: Lori La Bey.

Caspi, E. (2014). Understanding and preventing behavioral expressions in persons with memory loss. Video recorded presentation given on 5.31.14 at the Caring for a Person with Memory Loss Conference, University of Minnesota, School of Nursing.

Caspi, E. (2013). Keynote speaker: A practical education program for rabbis on understanding and assisting people with Alzheimer’s disease. MN Act on Alzheimer’s Twin Cities Jewish Community Task Force. Held on Nov 14 2013 at Temple Israel, Minneapolis, MN. Broadcasted on ParkTV15 on Jan 21 2014 (Comcast Cable TV). Eilon delivered two presentations: 1. Background on Alzheimer’s; 2. Practical Approaches and Communication Techniques.

Caspi, E. (2013). Distressed or distressing: Re-framing behavior in Alzheimer’s. Radio talk given on 8.14.13 on Conversations in Care. Host: Tami Neumann.

Caspi, E. (2012). Prevention of responsive behaviors. Radio talk given on 12.17.12 on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio. Host: Lori La Bey.

  • The audio and/or video recorded presentations are available upon request.