Documentary Film

I am very glad to share that my colleagues Judy Berry (Dementia Specialist Consulting), Julius Keya (Brilliant Image Production) and I have recently joined forces and now collaborate on the first full-length documentary film on the prevalent, concerning but unrecognized public health problem of injurious and fatal resident-to-resident incidents in dementia in long-term care homes.

Our plan consists two phases. Phase 1 includes development of a 10-minute pilot film, which we will use to seek funding (using Indiegogo campaign and private donations) for a full-length film (i.e. Phase 2).

On December 15 2016 we traveled to South Carolina and conducted our first interview with a family member of a resident with Alzheimer’s disease who was beaten severely by a resident with dementia and died a week after the incident. We are very grateful to the family member who was willing to share with us her personal and tragic story.

We believe that by raising awareness to and putting a human face on this mostly hidden public health problem, we will be able to inform educational and advocacy efforts aimed at implementation of policy and practice changes that will increase the likelihood that vulnerable and frail elder residents with and without dementia in long-term care homes will remain safe and free from psychological harm commonly caused by these incidents.

Since this is an international phenomenon, we plan to expand the film and interview family member from other countries such as Canada, Australia, Europe, and Israel. We are looking for family members who lost their loved ones due to these resident-to-resident incidents in the context of dementia (i.e. at least one of the residents involved in the incident — either the exhibitor of the target must have a diagnosis of dementia) in long-term care homes (such as nursing homes and assisted living residences) who are willing to discuss with us the possibility of being interviewed for our film.

I will continue to update on the progress of out film project in the coming months. Meanwhile, feel free to email me with questions about our film.